Discover the Magic of Virgin Islands National Park Virgin Islands National Park

Virgin Islands National Park

1Rich fauna and rich history, situated in island of St. john in USA>Experience in tropical beauty and park is covers more tan 7000 acres of protective land and 5500 acres maritime environment

Pristine beaches

underwater snorkelling Trail -unique feature and provide information about the coral and marine life.

Trunk Bay

iconic view for photographer, with powdery white sand and turquoise waters and in background green hill . and well equipped with all facility like restrooms, showers.


Cinnamon bay

Haven for water sport activity and rent item like kayaking, windsurfing, paddleboarding. You also visit old sugar plantation establish during coloinal era

also offer campground with ecofriendly accommodation, including tents and cottage

Honeymoon beach

this beach idel for couple, no hustle beach, so visiter enjoy peace,blue water.

visitor are rented item like snorer gear, paddleboard , and kayaks , and some visitor enjoy sunbath.

 maho bay

Famous for its calm and shallow water so easily swim and safe for children and also swim with turtle.

salt Pond bay

This beach located in remote area so visitor is here specially feeling cool and calm. with enjoy snorkelling and watch healthy coral reefs and watch colourful fish.

Francis bay

calm and clear water so ideal for swim and snorkeling to enjoy with family and watch coral reef with colorful fish.

11Bird watching specially yo go near mangrove forest and salt pond, migratory bard (bananaquit )Watch easy, and capture in photograph.

this famous for watch beautiful sun rise and sunset amazing experience

Ram head trail

offer camping in cinnamon bay campground and also luxury resort are also available and rental Cruz is also book.

best time to visit

Best time to visit December to April because weather is most pleasant.

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