Costs of Yacht Charters in Florida: A Comprehensive Budget Guide"

Chartering a yacht in Florida

several factor decide like  size  and type. duration ,season, and level of luxury and service provide.

types of Yachts

price starts from around $1500 per day for smaller sailing yacht and in Florida larger size  yacht cost $10000.

sailing Yachts

types of Yachts

more expensive due to speed,size and facilitey. daily rate in area mid size $ 2500 to $15000. luxury motor yachts cost between $ 20K to $50K per day.

Motor Yachts

types of Yachts

balance between price and comfort .price starting from $ 2000 per day to $10k. more larger .new model available


types of Yachts

luxurious vessels ,cost start from $50K to 500000 per week, depending on the size amenities and crew services.


seasonal variation

Price higher due to increase demand. specially holiday, spring break and event like Miami international Boat show.

seasonal variation

in off season generally offers lower rates,

Additional cost

majority of Yachts come with crew, but some are charged 10 to 20 % of the charter fee.


Additional cost

only motor yachts are charged additional cost.


insurance and Taxes

additional cost food, beverage and special demand they full fill. you insure that insurance and taxes are include or not

cost breakdown mid size Motor Yacht

Daily Rate: $5k Fuel: $500 Docking Fees: $200 per night provisioning:$ 300  Crew Gratuity:$ 750(15% )

Estimated cost for a day charter:

 some Tips

set a Budget, various charter companies to compare option, Negotiate is major things. and inquire about all inclusive package.

Estimated cost for a day charter:

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