Best U.S. Beaches for 2024

Siesta key 

famous for its beautiful beaches ,its sand is 99 % pure Quartz, every Sunday hosts a lively drum circle on the beach.


main gateway of Hawaii and major hub for international business,miltary defence and tourism.famous Waikiki beach is know for its golden sands.

Maui beach

unique experience for golden sandy shores to black sand and red sand beaches coastline.

Gulf Shores

its renowned for its soft, white sandy beaches. Gulf state park, nesting grounds for endangered sea turtles.

Clearwater Beach

top beaches in the united states by various travel feature daily sunset celebration with street performers and live music. haven for water sports activities.


Destin nickname due to its rich fishing heritage and called "World's Luckiest Fishing Village"


built in 1905 now a popular spot for fishing, dining and enjoying scenic views of the coastline.

Outer Bank's

home to a wild horse that walk freely on certain parts of the island. And watch historic lighthouse such as Hatteras Lighthouse and Currituck Beach Lighthouse.

Laguna Beach

its stunning beach's,  artistic community and upscale atmosphere.

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