Best Boating Destinations in Florida


 Florida is boating capital of the world because also known as The sunshine state.

Florida key

100 mile long island ,and also in here catch up inshore and offshore fishing ,snoring, golden sand, so many thing to add a bucket list.

Charlotte harbor

Uncrowded beach , this place dream location in activity inshore and offshore fishing, and some  famous place in here like cabbage key captive island/

Jupiter/palm beach

crystal clear water with sand , offshore fishing and inshore fishing , close to gulf of stream and easily access to Bahamas.

Tampa bay

Boaters comes dream true, so much fun to visit different -2 island like Caladesi island , Egmont key ,  drop anchor and enjoy ocean


In this place rent a ship and visit near famous place siesta key, Longboat key.

fort Lauderdale/Miami

This city have a canal city , boater enjoy and sightseeing . no inshore location, but Miami is boater’s homeland. Sandbar like Nixon beach, enjoy nightlife , offshore fishing .

crystel river

enjoy inshore and offshore fishing, change a gear to visit many place and swim and snoring and watch colorful fish.


Known as “selfis capital of the world” and strut sandbar perfect relex place in boater


Is famous for “”carb island" is also inshore and offshore fishing.

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